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“It feels like people without a rental history are victimised. Surely the most important thing is a person’s credit history?” – Dave

rental history victimised

Dave, we asked Director at RentChoice, Caroline Nurse for an answer to your query:

“Hi Dave, I understand that it can be difficult for first time tenants to gain rental history,” Caroline said.

“Although your credit history is important, the agency will need to ascertain that you have the ability to cover the rent given your current circumstances and care for the property.”

Caroline said there are a few things that can assist first time renters and build a good rapport with the agency who needs to assess the application.

  1. “A cover letter can be very effective in communicating your current situation and why you are looking for a rental property, whether you are moving out of a family home, sold your property or new to the area,” she said.
  2. “Within the cover letter you could also provide information about your ability to cover rent, such as your current employment situation and future prospects.”
  3. “If you are involved with any community based activities you could also mention your memberships or role to show you are an active/respected person within your area,” Caroline said.

Understanding why references are required will help you to tailor your rental application accordingly, even if you’ve never rented before. Check out this blog post for first-time renters

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caroline nurse
Caroline Nurse

Caroline started Rent Choice to address the issues that affected her most as a property investor. The company specialises in property management and focuses on building strong relationships with tenants.