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“Is it true that you must be present for property viewings in Queensland? I am moving to Bundaberg in October but will not be able to travel there ahead of my move to view properties.” Tenant, QLD

We asked the Director/Licensee and Head of Property Management at Homes4U, Mareea Wilkinson, for her advice.

Mareea said it is always in your best interests to view a property before applying for and renting out the property.

“This way, you can satisfy yourself that the property is in a clean and habitable condition before taking possession,” she said.

“If you cannot view the property yourself, do you have a family member or friend who can view it on your behalf? In my agency, we often have people moving to the area for work who cannot view.”

Mareea said that in this situation, her agency would accept an application from any prospective tenant and process it in the ordinary course.

“We would also have the tenant sign a disclaimer removing any liability from the office if the tenant takes possession and then finds the property not suitable,” she said.

Reasons to view a property where you can

A real estate agent may ask you to attend an inspection before submitting your rental application.

Viewing the property in person gives you a chance to check the property is clean, in good condition and meets the standards you want in your next home.

Want to apply for a rental property without viewing it first? Don’t miss these tips before you submit your next application.

If you’re unable to view the rental property yourself because you’re working or you don’t live locally, you should ask a friend, colleague or family member to inspect the property for you. Worst comes the worst, consider booking accommodation for a night before the inspections in the city where you’re moving.

You can arrange the inspections for the day you arrive, decide on the one you like and send in your application.

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Mareea Wilkinson
Mareea Wilkinson
Director/Licensee and Head of Property Management at Homes4U | [email protected]

Mareea Wilkinson is the Director/Licensee and Head of Property Management at Homes4U in Clontarf, Queensland. Mareea has worked in real estate since 1998 and was previously a real estate buyer's agent in Redcliffe and a legal litigation secretary for a firm in Brisbane City. Homes4U is an independently owned real estate agency based on the Redcliffe Peninsula.


  1. Hi i recieve email that im approve for the rental property and also rentbond. But this is in melbourne Vic. I move in brisbane 2 months ago. If im going to find a place here in brisbane do i need to re apply again for the rent bond. I live in redland bay brisbane Queensland. do i need to pay again for the rent check? This my first time to apply for rent bond.