“I’m on a month-by-month periodic lease in Victoria. Do I have to give a months’ notice from the date that I pay my monthly rent?”

In response to: “What happens if I need to break my lease?

Director of Metro Property Management, Leah Calnan, says that although you are on a periodic month-to-month tenancy agreement, you may provide your notice to vacate at any time.

“The notice period in Victoria is a minimum of 28 days written notice,” Leah said. “When you advise of your vacate date, this does not have to fall in line with the structure of your rental payments.”

If your vacate date falls after your rent is due, you will need to pay the balance up until you return the keys to the agency office.

“If you pay over your vacate date, you will be entitled to a rent refund,” Leah said.

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Tips on the vacating process

  • Ring and make sure your property manager has received your email about vacating.  Just because you pressed send at your end doesn’t always mean it arrives in the property manager’s inbox.
  • Engage the property manager’s cleaner. They’re usually easier to work with and often guarantee their work to the property manager’s satisfaction.
  • Remember, rent continues to be payable until ALL the keys are returned for the property.
  • If the garbage bins are full, also don’t forget to put them out for collection.

Happy moving!

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Leah Calnan

Leah Calnan, Metro’s sole Director, is one of the industry’s most dedicated, accomplished and senior Property Management practitioners. Leah lives and breathes Property Management.