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“Do tenants have to pay for water use at their rental property? How does that work?”

pay for water use
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Should you pay for water use?

We asked director/licensee at Homes4U, Mareea Wilkinson for her advice on this question:

Mareea said a tenant only has to pay for water use in their rental property if the premises are individually metered.

“That will include all houses, and many units,” she said. “How much water a tenant has to cover depends on what is firstly written into their lease agreement.”

Mareea said a property is water efficient if it complies with the requirements in each state and territory for water charging, for example, the requirements outlined in this link for Queensland tenants.

“If the property is not water compliant, then in my office, an owner would cover the first 20kl of water usage in any 3 month period and the tenant would pay over and above that.”

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