outstanding repair requests

“I have reported several issues, including a leaking cistern and fault air conditioner, but nothing’s been done. After reminding my agent, they said they had notified the property owner and hadn’t heard back.

We asked former Property Manager with Perth Realty Group, Kim-Anh Cao for her advice on outstanding repair requests.

“If the leak issue were reported and were not repaired, I would recommend disputing the invoice, as the leak could have contributed to the high cost of the bill,” Kim-Anh said.

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“In regards to the other maintenance issues, such as the window keys, as well as the broken aircon:

  • If it has been reported continuously and you have had no update on what is happening, I would ask to speak to the Department Manager or Licensee to see if you can escalate this. Explain the situation to them regarding how many times the issue has been reported and how long it has been ongoing.
  • If it is still not rectified, I’d look at breaching the owner. This may force them to, within reason, get the repairs done or allow you to terminate your lease. Forms and full details are available through the Department of Commerce website.

Kim-Anh said that if the owner advertised the property with an aircon in working order, the aircon must be working throughout the whole tenancy.

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Kim Anh-Cao
Kim-Anh Cao

Kim Anh-Cao was a Property Manager for Perth Realty Group in Maylands, Western Australia. Kim brought a wealth of experience from different roles within the real estate industry, including receptionist, sales admin and property management assistant. Perth Realty Group was founded in 2005 and is privately held. The company offers a full range of real estate services but specialises in property management services and residential and commercial property sales.