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“I live in an apartment complex, and I’m curious about what time the onsite managers can start work on Sundays (e.g. pool maintenance, sweeping and vacuuming)” – Johanna, (QLD)

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Johanna, we asked director at Rent Central, Jenni Hansen, for an answer to your question:

Jenni said that in most circumstances, work beginning on a Sunday is not to start before 7am, but in some circumstances it can be earlier.

“It is best to check with the local authority, your local council will have the rules about start time,” she said.

“These rules generally apply to power tools and the like, they do not generally apply to sweeping and vacuuming.”

“Even better – maybe try to talk with the Onsite Manager and just make them aware that they are causing a disturbance early on a Sunday, they may not be aware that they are making any loud noises.  It is best to try and resolve the issues amicably between residents and Onsite Managers, everyone is living together!”

Note: Rent Central is a Queensland-based property management company, and as such is based by Queensland regulations and legislation.

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