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“I pay my rent via Payway, but from time to time would like a copy of my rental ledger. However, my agent says they are not required to supply me with receipt of my payments. Is that true?” – Lynette

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Am I entitled to see my rental ledger?

Lynette, we asked Senior Property Manager at Nicholas Lynch Rentals, Heidi Sparks for her advice.

“Tenants are always entitled to a copy of their receipts or a copy of their payment ledger if this is what they request,” Heidi said.

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Heidi, a Licensed Estate Agent has over fifteen years experience in the Real Estate industry encompassing all aspects of property management including both residential and commercial property management.


  1. I am renting a unit in Queensland but owing to a family tragedy I need to move to Melbourne to take care of my son who has been seriously injured in a work accident. He has lost both legs and we need to be there to care for him.

    It means I will have to break my lease. Is this possible under these circumstances – without loosing my bond? I have never failed to pay my rent on time as I use direct debit from my bank,

  2. Hi I am wanting to audit my rent ledger is this possible an if it is who would be the right people I was thinking if I have over paid or still owe the real estate do you have any suggestion

    • Hi James, thanks for your message. If you think there is an error on your current rental ledger (i.e. based on overpaying your rent / underpaying your rent) you should first contact your property manager for clarification. You should be able to provide copies of your bank statements to show when payments have been made to make this process easier. If your issue cannot be resolved, you should contact your state tenancy body / Department of Commerce for some general advice on how to best proceed. You can find links to these websites on our ‘Get Support’ section. Just scroll down the page until you spot the maps.
      I hope this helps!