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“I pay my rent via Payway, but from time to time would like a copy of my rental ledger. However, my agent says they are not required to supply me with receipt of my payments. Is that true?” – Lynette

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Am I entitled to see my rental ledger?

Lynette, we asked Senior Property Manager at Nicholas Lynch Rentals, Heidi Sparks for her advice.

“Tenants are always entitled to a copy of their receipts or a copy of their payment ledger if this is what they request,” Heidi said.

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  1. I am renting a unit in Queensland but owing to a family tragedy I need to move to Melbourne to take care of my son who has been seriously injured in a work accident. He has lost both legs and we need to be there to care for him.

    It means I will have to break my lease. Is this possible under these circumstances – without loosing my bond? I have never failed to pay my rent on time as I use direct debit from my bank,