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I’m vacating my Sydney property soon. Can you offer me some advice for getting my bond back? What happens if I disagree with the bond refund given?” – John

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We asked managing director at Real Property Manager, John Gilmovich for his advice:

John said the biggest areas of dispute about rental bonds are cleaning, property damage and pet keeping issues.

“Most managing agents will provide a moving out/cleaning checklist/procedure for tenants to follow for a successful bond refund, but it is always suggested that a property is cleaned by a professional cleaner and a receipt provided to the agent/landlord as proof,” he said.

If in doubt, John said a tenant should refer to their original in-going condition report to get some idea of what the state of the property was like when they first took occupancy.

The law allows fair wear and tear, depreciation of fixtures and fittings and takes further consideration of the age of the property, length of tenure and amount of rent paid when determining disputes over bonds,” he said.

“In New South Wales, tenancy legislation requires the agent/landlord to serve notice on a tenant explaining why they are making a full or partial claim on your rental bond and the tenant is given a chance to discuss or dispute the claim before the bond is paid out.”

If you strongly disagree with the bond claim and cannot negotiate a favourable outcome with your agent/landlord, then an application can be made to dispute at a hearing at The NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

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