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“I moved from my previous rental in March and my agent advised we needed a bond, carpet and pest clean done. We asked if she would organise the bond clean and were advised it would cost no more than $400 and she would take it from our bond. Since March, we’ve been requesting the status of our bond (via phone and email) and neither have been returned. Finally, in July, a new agent contacted us and advised the bond was used to cover a number of things we weren’t advised about – this ‘conveniently’ equalled the exact bond total.

“They told me this was what the previous agent left behind and they couldn’t do anything about it. I then contacted the RTA – they told me because we didn’t contact them within the first 4 weeks after moving, they could not help us as they’d already transferred the bond back to the real estate. My question is: Do I have any other option? Do I have no chance of getting my bond back?” – Jordan

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Jordan, we asked Property Manager with Harcourts Integrity, Jemma Murphy for her advice on your situation:

“The agency should have informed you what works were going to be completed and taken out of the bond,” Jemma said.

“Once they had received all the invoices back they should have sent you a bond statement which would state the works done and the cost of these.”

Jemma said this should have also come with a statement of how much of your bond you would/would not get back.

“Even though the bond has been released to the agency you can still dispute this through a magistrates court,” she said.

“You will have to go to the magistrates court website and lodge an application, the right form to use will be a form 12.”

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Jemma Murphy

Jemma brings to the Harcourts Integrity team exceptional organisational skills and a positive attitude which reflects in all her correspondence internally and with clients.