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“If you have proved yourself to be a good tenant who looks after the rental property, is there any chance the frequency of rental inspections could be reduced after 12 months?” – Carly

My property inspection frequency

We asked Senior Property Manager with Harcourts Integrity, Tim Nickoll for his advice.

Tim said most owners prefer to have their inspections on a regular basis so they are kept up to date with the condition of the property.

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“This not only includes how you are doing with the tenancy, but also to look out for maintenance issues and opportunities to improve the property,” he said.

“Most Landlord Insurance policies also recommend regular inspections so potential issues are raised as early as possible.”

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Tim Nickoll
Tim Nickoll
Property Management Specialist at Ross Realty | [email protected]

Tim Nickoll is a Property Management Specialist at Ross Realty in Morley, Western Australia. A dedicated Property Manager and Business Development Manager expert, Tim has worked with Ross Realty since 2019 after a stint with The Agency Partners and Harcourts Integrity Maylands. Tim holds a Real Estate Licence and was named a Top 10 Finalist in REB's National Property Manager of the Year award in 2016.