“There is demolition happening right next door to my rental, which I wasn’t told about during the first inspection. I’ve asked my landlord about it, and he advised that he didn’t know about it. How should I proceed?” – Daniel 

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We asked principal at Ray White South Perth, Lisa Kerr for her answer to this question:

Lisa acknowledged this is a difficult situation. “Discussion with your landlord is the best option,” she said.

“See if there is a mutual agreement between the two of you for the disruption to your situation during the works being carried out.”

Lisa said sometimes owners are not aware of works being carried out by their neighbours unless there is going to be some disturbance to the fencing or alike of the property.

“Your state Department of Commerce, or state tenancy board, may also be able to assist with different ways to terminate the lease agreement if you feel this is the better option.”

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