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“Three years ago, I had to default on a rental property, but I have paid the balance in full. Can I still rent in Australia? I’ve been living in private rentals for the past three years but would like to move. Can I?”

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We asked managing director / licensee Jarrad Mahon at Investors Edge Real Estate for his insight into this question:

“Nearly all Agents will do a search of a Tenancy Database as part of checking your application and there are 3 main databases used nationally- TICA, NTD and TRA,” Jarrad said.

“As far as I know, some of the databases can be updated by your past property manager to show that you have made payment. So it may be worth going back to them and seeing if they have done this.”

Jarrad suggested that if you make application for a rental with an agent and it is denied, try to get some feedback on why.

“If it is still negatively impacting you, you could then decide to be upfront about your history when applying for the next rental,” he said.

“There will be property managers and lessors that are willing to look at the overall merits of your application.”

Once you can gain a rental history with a property manager, you will then be able to use that reference to more easily apply for future rentals.


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