Reader Question: 

“Does my credit rating affect the outcome of my rental application?” – Hayley

credit rating

We asked Director of Metro Property Management, Leah Calnan for her advice on this question:

“Hi Hayley, depending on the state that you are renting in – but often through the database checks that property managers complete on the owner’s behalf – they can gain access to some aspects of the credit rating,” Leah said.

“In my opinion, it’s an easier conversation to share the information at the beginning rather than after something is raised.”

“Disclosure is the key, be up front and honest and you will often see that working in your favour.”

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Leah Calnan
Leah Calnan

Leah Calnan was the President of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) between 2020-2021. Before stepping into the president role, she was the Director at Metro Property Management in Surrey Hills, Victoria. She is the author of Simple and Successful Property Management. Leah has received multiple honours and awards, including REB Property Manager of the Year 2016 and 2014, and finalist in the REIV Property Manager of the Year 2013 and 2012.