“I accidentally dropped a pot on a brand new cooktop. It broke a small piece of the glass and I’m told it will cost $1,200 to replace it. Do I have to replace it, or is this covered by landlord insurance?” – Tim 

Tim, we asked Head of Department at All Properties Group – Greater Springfield, Natasha Connors to answer your question:

“I would suggest speaking with the Property Manager to gauge whether the landlord does have adequate insurance to cover the replacement of the stove top,” Natasha said.

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“If the policy does cover it, the tenant would be responsible for reimbursing the cost of the excess incurred by the landlord.”

Top tip: If you encounter a situation like this, always be upfront and honest with your property manager. Reach out as soon as possible to let them know the cooktop has cracked and ask what the process is from here. The only way to know is to contact your property manager and ask. 

Natasha Connors
Head of Department - Greater Springfield Office at |

Passionate about property management, Natasha prides herself on delivering to all of her clients. With over a decade of industry expertise, her understanding of all aspects of the industry will ensure you are comprehensively guided through the process of renting out your investment property.