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“I’ve paid the bond and signed the contract for my rental. But I’ve changed my mind about the rental. Can I get out of the contract without losing my bond?” – Shaleeni 

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So I’ve changed my mind…

Shaleeni, we asked Director at Rent Central, Jenni Hansen, for an answer to your question:

Jenni said that in this instance, you will need to check the conditions of your lease.

“Most agencies attach an Annexure and in this document it will advise the correct procedure to Break the Lease,” she said.

“This is effectively what you are doing.  Most agencies will claim from the tenant a Break Lease Fee that will cover, for example their advertising costs, new lease preparation costs, and a Let Fee.”

These charges should all be contained in your lease document and attached Annexure. All of these charges also incur GST. These fees could be taken from your Bond.

Jenni said while the agent is trying to find a new tenant, you may be responsible for paying the rent until a new tenant is found and approved.

“General Tenancy Agreements are a legal and binding document, and are not that easy to get out of simply because you have changed your mind,” she said.

Note: Rent Central is a Queensland-based property management company, and as such is based by Queensland regulations and legislation.

For information specific to your state or territory, visit’s Important Numbers page.

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