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How long should it take to have my bond returned?” – Matt (WA)

We asked Principal/Business Manager at Ray White Leading Edge, Tricia Gilbert for her advice on rent bond returns.

“The Department of Commerce has previously indicated it is reasonable to have the bond disposed within 30 days or the paperwork with the tenant for signing within that time,” Tricia said.

“This ultimately depends on the volume of work, if any, which has to be carried out on the property, in order to bring it back to its original condition, as at the start of the lease agreement.

“Property Managers are unable to complete the Bond Disposal paperwork until all accounts are in, as the tenant is required to have a copy of all accounts pertaining to the bond.”

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Tricia Gilbert
Tricia Gilbert
Principal, Licensee and Property Manager at Next Level Property Management & Sales | 0410 400 015 | [email protected]

Tricia Gilbert is the Principal, Licensee and Property Manager of Next Level Property Management & Sales in Joondalup, Western Australia. Tricia has worked with Next Level since 2019 and was formerly the Principal and Business Development Manager with Ray White Leading Edge in Clarkson. She is a Certified Practising Real Estate Agent (CPREA). Tricia holds a Triennial Licence and Property Management Licence issued by the WA Department of Commerce. In 2014, Tricia won Property Manager of the Year - WA Metropolitan at the annual Ray White Awards.


  1. When everything is in order why 30 days. Its not fair on tenants. The bond board needs to lift its game and make “transfer of landlord” for tenants bonds possible rather than this stupid paying it back then having it paid in again for the next house or worse people stuck in crappy tenancies because they cannot save the bond to move.

  2. i agree with Dave, the deartment needs to streamline the process or come up with a new polcicy where bond can be transferrable from one landlord to another. Tenants are the one suffering which the government needs to protect.

  3. I have rented four properties in the past four years due to job relocation and do not understand how a good tenant who receives chocolates and glowing inspection reports can suddenly face difficulties when leaving a property. It’s frustrating to see a property manager putting on another face and making it difficult for a great tenant to have their bond discharged. I’m so glad to be back in my own home and not deal with these people anymore. I’ve dealt with three different real estate agents, and the same experience repeats itself. My rent and bills are always paid ahead of time, and during the last move-out, the agent conducted a routine inspection and commented that it was the cleanest property she had seen of someone moving out. I handed back the keys on 7.2.2023, the final inspection was done on 9.2.2023, and she sent an email saying she found a dirty mark in the ensuite and two small chips in one of the smaller bedrooms. It’s pretty funny because I only used the main bedroom as I was the only occupant. She said she would need to look at the property condition report from when I moved in. Today is 14.03.2023, more than one month later, and despite two emails and a visit to their office, I am still waiting for a reply, a copy of the final PCR, and the return of my bond. Tomorrow, I will contact the principal of this real estate. It’s simply not good enough.