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“I’ve been blacklisted as a renter. Is there any way I will be able to rent again?  How does this work?” – Lindelle


Lindelle, we asked Managing Director for PPM Group, Debbie Palmer for her insight into your question:

“Hi Lindelle, there are several different tenant databases throughout Australia and there are strict legislative guidelines outlining when and why a tenant can be listed,” Debbie said.

“There is an obligation on the rental agencies to notify a tenant before they are listed outlining why they are being listed and with which company their details are being listed.”

Debbie said records can only be held on file with a database company for a period of three years.

“I would suggest contacting the agency you rented through and discuss the matter with them, or contact the tenant database agency direct,” she said.

“It is always better to clear your outstanding debts to assist in starting afresh. I hope this helps.”

For information specific to your state or territory, visit’s Important Numbers page.

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    • Hi Emma, give us a ring on 1300 736 810 and one of our Customer Service team will be able to help run you through RentBond – it will help to finance the cost of your bond 🙂 Lauren

  1. Hey I was just wondering what will happen, so basically I broke a lease & owed them money an now that I want to pay it they said I’m already blacklisted so I’ve made a payment plan to pay it off but curious as to if I’ll be able to rent again? Does that wipe my blacklisting clear because I paid the debt?

    • Hi Angel, thanks for your comment!
      If you can pay the amount owed within three months of the due date, you’ll be eligible to have your name removed from the tenancy database. Payments made outside this period will see the listing changed to ‘inaccurate’ but may remain listed for up to three years. If you have any specific questions on your listing, get in touch with the database you’re listed on. They’ll be able to give you some relevant direction 🙂 Hope this helps.

  2. I’ve been blacklisted and as a single parent it’s hard to find a home.
    Can I rent another house while paying off the debt that got me blacklisted?

    • Hi Ross,
      Good question. Whether or not your application for a rental property is accepted is up to the individual real estate agent or private landlord. However, if you can show that you’re in the process of paying an outstanding debt out from the listing, that should go a long way with your next application to show you’re focused on fixing that issue.

  3. hi i have been put on tica but now i have just fond out the real estate has cloes down and i dont no what well happen if i be takeing of tica or not i have been trying all day to find out what well happ

    • Hi Calvin, thanks for your message. In this instance, you need to contact TICA to find out more about the listing and what happens if your agency has closed. Here’s a link to the Contact page for TICA with the phone number for tenant enquiries: TICA’s hours of operation are between 9am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday AEDT.

  4. Hi , I was put onto tica in 2014 , without being notified I wanted to leave the property while other house mates stayed on , the managing property agent lived on site , told them my situation they told me to sign a form to remove my name , I did that and years later found out they had black listed me and hadn’t taken my name off the lease as told .. they have recently been fired for multiple mistakes made , I’m not sure how I’m meant to clear my name and prove I had signed forms .. and I’m having trouble finding a house , and I’m running out of options .. thanks

  5. Hi I’ve been blacklisted but have paid my outstanding amount so have nothing left to pay but still blacklisted I’m having trouble in obtaining a lease because obviously all real estates look on TICA I’m a single mum of two boys and would just like help to get off the list the real estate who put me on there said I’d be on there for at 5-7 years I’m finicially stable but I’m homeless and struggling to find a place

    • Hey Monique, thanks for reaching out. We understand your dilemma – that’s a tough one. Generally, if you pay the amount owed within 3 months of the due date, you should be eligible to have your name removed from the tenancy database. Payments that were made outside this period will see the listing changed to ‘inaccurate,’ but your name may remain listed for up to 3 years. The best thing to do is contact the database you were listed on to find out the situation with your record. When you next send a rental application to a property manager / landlord, you can include a note explaining that they while they may find your name listed, you did take steps to remedy the action and have since paid the outstanding amount. This should put you in good stead next time around. Good luck!