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How long do you have to be employed before most property managers/owners will consider an application?” – Paula (QLD)

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We asked director/licensee at Homes4U, Mareea Wilkinson for her advice on this question:

Mareea said there’s no one blanket answer to this question.

“When my office is processing an application, common sense needs to be prevailed in some situations as people swap and change jobs all the time these days,” she said.

“So, if a person had been in prior employment in the same industry for, say, at least 2 years and then have moved into a new role, this would not concern me as they have kept themselves in the same industry.”

“If they are first-time employed, then a minimum for me would be 12 months in the position before I would take their application seriously.”

Mareea said the processing of an application has many factors to consider, not just time frames.

“The employment side of things is just one aspect of many,” she said.

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