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“Why do some agents get to do inspections when tenants are at work and can’t attend?”

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Why do some agents get to do inspections when tenants are at work and can’t attend? I find many of them don’t get back to you when you leave a form and notes for them. Should I be given feedback, or can I request it?

We asked managing director / licensee Jarrad Mahon for his insight into this question:

“Under the standard lease agreement, Agents are required to negotiate a suitable day and time for an inspection that does not unduly inconvenience you from being able to attend if you wish,” he said.

“This generally does need to be during work hours because those are the hours that property managers are employed to do their job and any time outside of this is unreasonable on your part. So if you can’t attend at any time during 9am-5pm you really have no choice on letting them attend without you being there.”

As frustrating as it is, there are no formal requirements for property managers to get back to you or to give you feedback, Jarrad said.

“My agency respects tenants as much as we do our landlords, so we offer them the same proactive communication guarantee to return phone calls and emails in the same business day or we pay you $100.”

“Doing some online research into the Agent’s reputation before deciding on a house to rent, may improve your chances of getting the service you deserve.”

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  1. Thank you for answering my question. Once again there are no regulations looking out for tenants. You get a letter in the mail with the date of the inspection and goodness knows who inspects your home while you are not in attendance and then they do not even need to reply to your form or notes.

  2. Heck who doesn’t hate inspection time……show of hands please. But as mere tenants we all know it has to be done. I know for one that I make sure that I am present at each and every inspection. There is no way I would let a complete stranger into my tenanted domain I don’t care WHO they are or represent I always make myself available. It’s all about negotiating between both parties a suitable time for all to be present.