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“My agency has always used its own maintenance men, but the owner has decided to use his ‘friend’ and won’t use the agency-preferred maintenance men. Can I enforce going back to the agency-preferred maintenance men instead?”

We asked Director/Licensee and Head of Property Management at Homes4U, Mareea Wilkinson, for her advice on this question:

“Can you enforce the agency-based tradespeople? The short answer is no. But there are a couple of issues which raise my attention,” Mareea said.

– Is this person a registered ABN holder to perform work at the property, and what type of handyman work is he doing? If it is something of an electrical or plumbing nature, then that is a complete ‘no-no’. It would be in the agency’s best interest to ensure that he has a contractor’s appointment form completed. Otherwise, the agency is leaving itself wide open for a world of hurt.

– If this maintenance man is not giving you notice of his intention to carry out works (i.e. 24 hours), then you have every right not to allow him access to the property. You can breach the agency on this aspect.

– I would also suggest you breach the agency for him not allowing you quiet enjoyment of your property. It sounds like you’re being wholly victimised, which is not correct.

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Mareea Wilkinson
Mareea Wilkinson
Director/Licensee and Head of Property Management at Homes4U | [email protected]

Mareea Wilkinson is the Director/Licensee and Head of Property Management at Homes4U in Clontarf, Queensland. Mareea has worked in real estate since 1998 and was previously a real estate buyer's agent in Redcliffe and a legal litigation secretary for a firm in Brisbane City. Homes4U is an independently owned real estate agency based on the Redcliffe Peninsula.