Changes to the approved reasons for ending a tenancy and reforms around renting with pets in Queensland will commence on 1 October 2022.

Queensland’s state government has now confirmed the dates for last year’s tenancy legislation changes to come into effect. So what’s changing – and when?

Renting with pets

A framework for all parties to negotiate renting with pets will commence on 1 October 2022. These changes are designed to support tenants and lessors to agree on renting with pets.

The changes will introduce prescribed reasonable grounds for refusing a request for approval to keep pets, such as keeping the pet would breach laws/by-laws.

There’ll also be strict timeframes for property owners/managers to respond to any requests for a pet, or the request will be considered approved.

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Changes to approved reasons to end a tenancy

These changes will also commence on 1 October 2022. They will remove the option to end a tenancy without grounds. Instead, tenants and property owners/managers will have a broader range of specific grounds to end a tenancy with appropriate notice with prescribed notice periods.

New grounds (or reasons) for owners/managers to end tenancies will include:

  • The end of a fixed-term agreement;
  • To undertake significant repair or rrenovations;
  • Change of use or sale; or
  • Preparation for sale of the rental property requires vacant possession.

New grounds for tenants to end a tenancy will include:

  • The property is not in good repair; or
  • Does not comply with minimum housing standards.

Minimum housing standards

These changes are due to commence for new tenancy arrangements from 1 September 2023 and for all tenancies from 1 September 2024.

These changes from the Queensland Government are designed to ensure all QLD rental properties are safe, secure and functional.

They will prescribe minimum housing standards, clarify repair and maintenance obligations and introduce compliance mechanisms to strengthen the ability to enforce those standards.

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  1. I will take my property off the market when the current tenant leaves if landlord rights are minmised. I have always done right by my tenant who has been there almost 4 years now and can stay there as long as they like.