Renting in Queensland? The Queensland Government is currently working on its second round of rental reforms, which focus on laws that limit tenants’ ability to modify their rental property.

These changes are building on the reforms that were passed in 2021, which made it easier for tenants to keep pets and flee domestic violence, and put an end to without-grounds evictions.

The second package of reforms will focus on five key areas:

  • Installing modifications;
  • Making personalisation changes;
  • Balancing privacy and access;
  • Improving the rental bond process; and
  • Creating fairer fees.

This means tenants could soon be allowed to make modifications to improve accessibility, security, and safety, like installing security screens or safety gates, without the landlord’s approval.

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The Queensland government is seeking public submissions about these proposed changes.

In addition to these proposed changes, the Queensland government has introduced new laws limiting rent increases to once a year in the state.

The legislation responds to rental inflation and applies to all new and existing tenancies. If passed, the new laws will dictate that any rent increases after July 1 will only be valid if it comes a year after any previous increases.

More frequent increases written into current rental agreements will not apply if the law is passed. The reforms aim to protect the interests of tenants and to ensure that they have greater control over their living conditions.

By allowing renters to make minor modifications and decorate their homes without seeking approval from landlords, the government hopes to improve their quality of life and make the rental market fairer.

Additionally, limiting the number of property inspections allowed and increasing the notice period for inspections will help protect renters’ privacy and wellbeing.

The Queensland government’s proposed changes have been welcomed by renters and advocacy groups who have long been pushing for greater tenant rights.

The reforms will help renters to feel more secure in their homes and give them greater control over their living conditions.

Additionally, by limiting rent increases to once a year, the government is helping to protect tenants from excessive rent hikes and ensuring that the rental market remains affordable for all.