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I would like to offer my apartment as a pet-friendly rental, but I have concerns about the potential damages that pets can cause. What is the best way to protect my property while also allowing my tenant to have a pet?”

Feature agent: Jarrad Mahon, Managing Director/Licensee at Investors Edge Real Estate.

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Protecting my property while allowing pets

We asked managing director/licensee at Investors Edge Real Estate, Jarrad Mahon for his advice on allowing pets.

“It’s best if you can plan for pets when building or doing renovations because its usually pretty costly to make changes after the fact,” Jarrad said.

“Options include having hard flooring to the majority of the house especially the living areas that adjoin the backyard, this is where pets will frequently traffic and cause more wear and tear.”

When it comes to outdoor areas, look to have a grass or synthetic grass area.

“The pet will probably use this area to go to the toilet on,” he said.

“Most serious pet owners will likely request a dog or cat door be installed but they come in varying sizes and can just as easily not suit the next pet in the property.”

Where possible, see who your tenant is and then look to go halves with them – the pet door will stay at the property after they leave, Jarrad said.

Pet doors are usually fitted by replacing a whole pane of glass and cost around $550.

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