The difference between your dream rental and missing out.

For some tenants, attending a property viewing can be nerve-wracking, but for others, it’s a pleasure. When you view a property to rent, you should be as organised as possible. offers a few hot tips for your viewing pleasure.

property viewing
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  1. Call the landlord or agent to ask a few questions

It’s a no-brainer. Be friendly and personable. Making a good impression on the person managing the property you’re interested in will help you to stand out from other applicants.

  1. Create a Renter Resume

Creating a Renter Resume through will demonstrate just how conscientious you are as a potential tenant. Fill in your bio and why you’d be a great fit for any rental property. You might like to include personal details that make you more appealing to a landlord / property manager (You have a steady income, you don’t smoke, you don’t have pets, etc).

  1. Be application-ready

Popular properties are regularly snapped up fast. So have your Renter Resume application filled out and ready to click ‘send’ over if the property turns out to be ‘perfect’ for you.

  1. Save the landlord or property manager time

Present your application with photocopies of your various forms of ID, such as the front and back of your driver’s licence, your Medicare card and your passport. They may still need to sight the originals, but at least you’ve saved them the hassle of taking copies. Another handy tip is to take a copy of your previous utility bills as proof of ID. Why not consider purchasing a RentCheck to provide proof of your identity and tenancy history in advance?

  1. Provide proof of income

This could be a payslip, an end-of-year tax certificate or a bank statement.

  1. Get your references in order

This will stand you ahead of the competition. You can request letters of reference from previous landlords or property managers who you’ve rented from in the past. But be careful to choose your referees carefully. A poor choice can sink an otherwise strong application.

  1. Be financially prepared

You will need to have your rent in advance and rental bond ready if your application is accepted.

  1. Dress to impress

First impressions do make a difference. Present yourself at the viewing well, both in appearance and demeanour.

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