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Everyone wants the best return on their rental investment or the final sale of their property. Here’s what you need to know about property styling so you can decide whether it’s worth the investment.

Guest post – Achieve Property Styling

Professional staging or ‘property styling’ can add value to a property by welcoming a potential tenant or buyer from the moment they step in the door.

Of course, staging doesn’t necessarily mean putting more money into your property than you’re ready to bid farewell to. It could simply mean rearranging the furniture to maintain good traffic flow on the day of viewing or even decluttering the space. Many staging projects can also include basic DIY ideas like mowing the lawn, or painting and cleaning the rooms.

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Creating a customised look

If you’re looking to move your investment property off the market, a styling professional can study the tenant/buyer demographic in the area and add an inviting touch to your space based on that knowledge. Your property could be made more inviting for a family with working parents or could be better targeted at a recently retired couple who intend to spend their later years in a peaceful neighbourhood.

Fill in unnecessary gaps and declutter

An empty or an overly-cluttered space could make or break a deal from the get-go. A skilled and experienced eye won’t miss these sorts of details.

Designed for success

A property styled under the guidance of a trained professional can do far better in the residential real estate market. That in mind, hiring an expert could prove to be an investment worth giving a shot.

Using the services of a staging professional can minimise the time, effort and money you might otherwise need to spend to make the property look its best.

Stay ahead of the competition

The real estate market is competitive, there’s no getting around that. You want a prospective tenant or buyer to feel comfortable viewing your home and be able to envisage themselves living in the space. This is especially important if you plan to ask for a higher price.

What’s the difference between property styling and interior design?

It’s not uncommon to hear these two terms used interchangeably, but they’re both different things. Property styling is a form of home staging, designed to make your property look more beautiful, while interior design is a thorough change of the outlook of your home.

Property styling – explained:

  • De-cluttering: An essential step needed to stage your home. No one wants to take on a home that is cluttered and clumsy.
  • De-personalising: Your style is not going to be for everyone, so it’s important that you de-personalise your living space so it has a more neutral look. This will help a prospective tenant or buyer think about the way they’d like their future home to be customised.
  • Furniture replacement: An important step that should be taken to ensure there are no damaged belongings or furniture.
  • Modern interior with real appeal: Your home should be staged in such a way that it looks modern and will naturally appeal to most prospective buyers and tenants.

Is professional property styling worth the price?

So is all this work worth the price you pay to a styler? Consider it this way, a professional stager can vastly improve the function of your space. Remember you’ll be showing your home to a number of buyers/renters who are working on various incomes. The work a stager will do is designed to help you get the best price out of the right person for your property.

Another big positive is seeing the level of competition improve for your home. As a landlord (or property owner) you’ll have the option of finding the best possible tenant, or evening opening up bidding for buyers.

In conclusion: 

This article should have given you some idea about the intricacies of property styling, how it can be achieved and the benefits professional styling can offer your property. To improve your profit once you sell your property, or boost your rental return, it could be worth your time looking at hiring a professional to work on your property.

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Achieve Property Styling
Achieve Property Styling

Achieve Property Styling is Melbourne’s property styling and home staging specialist. Working directly with homeowners, real estate agents and property developers across Melbourne, the company dresses properties for sale. Their styling helps buyers visualise how they would live in the space and enriches the emotional connection between the buyer and the home, creating more competitive bidding and driving sale prices higher.