“My partner and I need to move soon, but at the moment my partner doesn’t have an income. Will we have trouble finding a property if we only have one income?” Tenant, NSW

We asked One Agency – Bezzina Property Group DirectorGuy Bezzina for his advice.

“Essentially, the final decision is with the agent and the owner. They will determine if they feel you can afford the rent on the property you’re applying for,” Guy said.

When you go to apply for your next rental property, Guy suggests you provide the following documents to support your application:

  1. a bank statement to show savings
  2. an agent will also look upon a good rental ledger favourably
  3. proof of any other income received from other sources

“Most agents now have access to various tenancy databases to verify your credit history,” Guy said.

“With no defaults, together with the above, you will have a good chance of securing a rental property.”

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Guy Bezzina

Guy is the Director of One Agency Bezzina Property Group. Local to the area and with experience of over 25 years in the real estate industry, Guy provides excellent negotiation skills and a wealth of professional knowledge. He has a friendly, helpful demeanour which is perfectly complemented by a high level of drive.