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“Should I have my property checked regularly for termites? Is it worth the expense?”

Should I check my investment property for termites?
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Licensee at K&C Real Estate, Kyla Dawson offered advice to any landlords who are unsure of this step in a tenancy:

Kyla said having termite barriers for your property will mean little to no problems in the longer-term when it comes to termites.

“It is a good idea to ensure termite barriers are kept updated and maintained to prevent problems occurring in the future,” she said.

Extra tips:

When you purchase an investment property, it’s important to do a thorough inspection of the building to ensure there are no major issues lurking.

Inspections can include termite and pest inspections, as well as a building inspection to check that the dwelling is sound. These checks can uncover any potential maintenance around your property’s structural integrity.

If you find termites in your property

  • Don’t panic. Help is just a phone call away.
  • Don’t disturb the termites. Try not to break any mud trails or workings, you may make the issue more difficult to assess.
  • Don’t spray the termites with any chemical spray – this can cause issues for a professional coming to inspect the property.
  • Contact a pest control professional in your area to assess the situation.

But what about the cost?

If you have tenants living in your property, it’s important that you maintain the property in the best possible condition. Not only will this mean your investment becomes more attractive to a tenant now and into the future, but it will also help to sustain optimal capital growth.

That in mind, taking care to look for any potential issues before they become large-scale problems makes sense.

Although you may initially be out of pocket for a routine pest inspection, it’s not a lot to pay for peace of mind.’s Reader Q&A page is the place to get expert advice on tenancy matters, money, repairs and support using If you have a question you’d like answered, email

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