“I have an investment property in Darwin which is managed by an agent. I am convinced the property has been abandoned and there is currently rent owing. Do I need to give notice to enter the property?” Owner, NT

We asked Ray White Darwin Business Development ManagerKate Nolan for her advice.

“In this instance, my advice would be to raise your concerns with your Property Manager first and foremost,” Kate said.

“This can be quite a complex situation which is best left with your agent to handle. Your Property Manager will most likely issue an RT09 to enter the premises and once the notice period has gone by, they can attend the property.”

If it is clear that the tenant has absconded after the inspection, Kate said that your Property Manager will need to carry out a final inspection.

“They will need to issue an RT08 within 7 business days and process the bond,” she said.
“There is an area on this document that refers to tenant abandonment.”

“If there is any damage to the property, or if there is still rent outstanding after the held bond amount, then you can instruct your Property Manager to seek an order for compensation from the tenant for this at NTCAT, however if your tenant is in rent arrears then your Property Manager should have already begun the process for tribunal.”

“Once confirmed that the property has been abandoned it would be advisable to change the locks,” she said.

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Kate Nolan
Business Development Manager at | kate.nolan@raywhite.com

Having made the move to Australia from her homeland of Ireland, Kate decided to make Darwin her new home after travelling around the nation. Kate makes sure she is on top of every part of her portfolio. From landlord, current tenant and the property itself, the greater her understanding of what she manages the faster she can address and resolve issues as they arise.