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Can you put a price on love? Apparently, you can. According to the Animal Health Alliance, Australians spend a whopping $8 billion dollars annually on their precious pooch or fluffy feline friends.


In 2015, The Sydney Morning Herald averaged the cost of a standard veterinary visit for the household cat or dog at $270. Even a simple yearly booster typically ranges from $80-$120.

A pet ownership survey conducted by Animal Medicine Australia in 2016 pegged the annual average spend per household on medical care for dogs at $645, and for cats, $432.

This was general medical care ALONE, and didn’t include accidents, emergencies, or any other necessities such as food, bedding, toys, walking, boarding, training, minding and more.

These statistics speak for themselves. Our fluffy family members mean the world to us, so when it comes to their care, is there really a price we wouldn’t pay?

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It’s a meager cost for their lifetime of loyalty and love, but it can be an EVEN smaller price if you plan ahead and insure your pet.

Look after them, protect yourself, Petinsurance’s mantra, is how you can ensure you aren’t ambushed by annual or unexpected costs associated with your pet’s healthcare needs. Get your pet insured against illness or injury, and never worry if something unexpected should happen.

Petinsurance is offering renters 1 month FREE insurance if you sign up to a new pet insurance policy.

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is committed to helping you provide the best care for your pet and to protect you from the rising cost of veterinary bills.