“What happens when I need a plumber or electrician to attend a repair in Queensland?”

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Property Management Team Leader with Harcourts Kingberry Townsville, Tamara Weight offers some advice on the subject of repairs in QLD:

“The agent that you are renting from would have gone over the procedure for maintenance during the initial tenancy sign up, however typically they will require you to report all routine maintenance in writing,” Tamara said.

“From there, the agent will contact the owner to seek approval and arrange a tradesperson to attend.”

Tamara said the tradesperson will then contact you to arrange access, or collect keys from the office for access if you have given permission to do so.

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“If the maintenance is an emergency and you cannot contact your rental agent, you may spend up to 2 weeks rent on an emergency repair.”

“Item 30 of the Standard Terms & Conditions of the General Tenancy Agreement outlines what is considered to be an emergency repair. In this case, you should refer to Item 18 of the tenancy agreement and contact the tradesperson/contact that is listed on the agreement.”

Note: If you find that maintenance is not attended to in an acceptable time frame, you can contact the Residential Tenancies Authority (or your state’s tenancy authority) for further options.

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Tamara Weight
Tamara Weight
Property Management Team Leader at Harcourts Kingsberry Townsville | [email protected]

Tamara Weight is the Property Management Team Leader for Harcourts Kingsberry in Townsville, Queensland. Tamara has 10 years of experience working in property management and business development and holds a Certificate 4 in Property Services. Tamara has been nominated for awards for her service in the field and has a thorough understanding of the local property market in Townsville and the Northern Beaches.


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