New photos showing the construction of what is expected to become the world’s tallest building have been released.

Dubai Creek Tower by Santiago Calatrava. Photo: Emaar Properties.

The photos of Santiago Calatrava’s Dubai Creek Tower have emerged and show construction progress on what is expected to become the world’s tallest building.

Project developer Emaar Properties released the site photos and subsequent video of the 2.3 square-mile (5.95km) complex.

The 3,045 foot (623 metre) tower has been designed by Calatrava as its centerpiece. Photo: Emaar Properties.

The tower has been desgined to eclipse the height of the Burj Khalifa by at least 300 feet (around 91 metres).

The new complex in Dubai, which will feature a 3,045-foot (623-metre) tower designed by Calatrava as its centerpiece has been a joint work of love for Emaar Properties and Dubai Holdings.

For its construction, the tower requires laying record-breaking 236-foot (71.9 metre) deep foundation piles capped with 1.59 million cubic feet (around 45,023 cubic metres) of concrete.

No completion date has been announced for the project. Photo: Emaar Properties.

Inspired by the lily flower and mosque minarets, the tower will feature a 68-mile (109 km) array of supporting cables, a 360-degree observation deck and a Hanging Gardens of Babylon-style floor.

Photo: Emaar Properties.

The tower broke ground last year, but the developer is yet to confirm a completion date.

Photo: Emaar Properties.

According to previous reports, the project is expected to be ready in time for Dubai Expo 2020.

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Photo: Emaar Properties.