My tenant has requested that a telephone line is connected. Is it my responsibility or theirs to have it installed/supplied at the premises?” Owner, NSW

We asked Belle Property – Charleston Head of Property Management, Larissa Bridge for her advice:

“Under the Residential Tenancy Agreement, it is the tenant’s responsibility to investigate services such as, but not restricted to telephone lines and electronic services (internet / NBN),” Larissa said.

“It is not the landlord’s responsibility to provide a phone line or electronic services. The phone lines do not actually belong to the landlord or property owner, in general, they belong to Telstra.”

“If a phone line is not being used within a street, Telstra redirects the lines to other properties when the request for services is made by others.”

“The landlord is only responsible for ensuring that the fitting itself is not faulty, which means that if the phone connection inside on the wall is cracked or broken and needs repair to operate, then the landlord is required to repair the point only.”

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Larissa Bridge
Larissa Bridge
Head of Property Management at | 02 4944 5600

A sought-after Property Management expert, Larissa manages a strong rent roll and a growing team of property managers whilst continuously striving to deliver exceptional service across the board. Larissa’s warm and engaging approach, combined with her innate ability to lead a dynamic team of professionals ensures that Belle Property remains at the forefront of property management in the Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley regions.