Share your Pet Resume on Facebook
How much do you love your pet? Share the love on Facebook. Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

We’ve updated our Pet Resume feature to let you show your furry friend off to your friends on Facebook.

Renting with pets?‘s Pet Resume feature lets you show off their personality with a photo and bio when you next apply for a property.

Pet Resume is a simple and fun way to let your future landlord/agent know if your pet is registered, vaccinated, insured or has achieved any qualifications (even if it’s only puppy pre-school) ?

When you add a new pet to your Renter Resume on the website*, you’ll have a chance to share your pet’s profile to your Facebook page.

*stay tuned – this feature will soon be in the RENT App too.

How do I share my Pet Resume on Facebook?

To share a Pet Resume with friends:

  1. Create your Pet Resume as part of your Renter Resume profile
  2. Click Share to friends below your pet’s picture and name
  3. Check that your Pet Resume includes a photo and a bio so your pet looks their best!
  4. When asked ‘Want to show [Pet Name] off on Facebook?’ click the blue button below Share to Facebook
  5. Write an optional update or message
  6. Click Post to Facebook

Need help? Email [email protected] or call 1300 736 810. 

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