Pets are part of the family, so it makes sense that more than 100,000 pets now have their own Pet Resume on

Today, around one-third of users have a Pet Resume attached to their Renter Resume.

The ability to move into a rental property with your pet is an issue that hits close to home for many of our renters.

Despite how popular pet ownership is across Australia (where 63% of households own a pet*), renters often struggle to find a home that’ll accept the whole family.

Around 30% of Renter Resumes have a Pet Resume attached – that’s less than half of all Australian pet owners and says a lot about how hard it can be to find a pet-friendly home.

With more than 70,000 residential rental listings on our site, we can see that on average, 10% indicate pets are allowed, 40% say pets are not welcome, but about half make no mention of pet-friendliness. The last group, which keeps the option open is where Pet Resume can truly shine, allowing renters to demonstrate responsible pet ownership and provide all the necessary information to help a landlord/agent make an informed decision.

All the pet-friendly benefits

Our data shows that in many cases landlords or agents choose not to specify whether pets will be accepted on their rental listings. This becomes a decision left open to their discretion on vetting the tenant during the application process.

Common sense applies, of course – and no one’s suggesting a Shetland pony on level 38 of the Eureka Tower.

But there have been several studies that show the benefits of owning pets – everything from teaching responsibility to kids, health/wellbeing and companionship. Why wouldn’t we (as a community) want renters to have the same opportunities as everyone when it comes to per ownership?

Sadly, some renters hide the fact that they have a pet on the premises, which can cause a lot of continual stress under the fear that their landlord will discover the pet. We don’t encourage this approach.

At the end of the day, the best policy is being open and honest with the landlord or property manager. We find that using Pet Resume to showcase why your furry friend is a stand-out is the best tool for renters to open the conversation.

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