Pet Resume helps to put your furry friend in the best light

If you’ve ever had trouble finding a pet-friendly rental property, has a way to ensure your furry friend puts their best paw forward in the application process.’s Pet Resume feature lets you create a comprehensive CV that summarises your friend’s best qualities for potential landlords.

Imagine this: You find your perfect apartment on, but the landlord doesn’t allow pets. Or maybe the breed restrictions mean your favourite pooch doesn’t make the cut. Finding a pet-friendly rental is a hassle for many Australian renters. So has introduced Pet Resume to make this process easier for everyone.

The launch of Pet Resume follows the success of’s Renter Resume, a personal renting profile feature. Since its launch, more than 500 new resumes have been created daily.

So what is Pet Resume?’s brand new feature Pet Resume is built into Renter Resume. It’s a detailed summary of your pet’s best qualities: whether they’ve been vaccinated, registered or trained, all to improve their chance of application success.

In October, surveyed more than 1,300 Australian renters on the topic of ‘renting with pets’ and found, overwhelmingly, that 42% of renters found it ‘extremely difficult’ to find a place to rent which would also accept their pets, despite almost two thirds (or 63 percent) of Australian households owning pets.

Renters regularly face obstacles in their search for a pet-friendly property. While many landlords might choose to eventually welcome pets, only 25% of’s property listings specify ‘pets allowed.’

So, by adding Pet Resume to the Renter Resume application, is making information available which will help everyone involved: The renter, the landlord AND the property manager.

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What are you waiting for? Create your Pet Resume on Renter Resume today! launches Pet Resume to help renters, landlords and agents
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Why did you build Pet Resume?

Our mission at is all to do with bridging the gap between the overwhelming demand for pet-friendly rentals on one hand, and the limited supply on another.

DID YOU KNOW? When we surveyed over 700 property agents and landlords, around 80% said they would consider pets if they were presented with all the information required.

This is how the idea of Pet Resume was born.

Providing a prospective landlord with key information about your pet (such as its type, registration and proof of vaccinations,) is designed to speed up the screening process significantly.

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It’s basically four-legged networking 

Introducing a Pet Resume to a prospective landlord, combined with a Renter Resume, can build a real case for responsible pet ownership. It’s a proactive move that shows your honest and open approach to taking responsibility for your pets.

Even if your potential landlord doesn’t request something specific on your furry friend, being prepared with a Pet Resume could set you apart from the pack and help with the negotiation process.

Pet Resume isn’t just for big dogs either. You can create a resume for all animals, even though cats and dogs seem to be the most common choice of pets. You can build a Pet Resume for your pet budgie, snake or guinea pig.

What do real estate agents think?

Investment Property Specialist Jeannette Nguyen from Sydney-based agency Devine Real Estate said presentation was key when lodging a property application:

“Providing a Pet Resume together with the application demonstrates to a landlord that they take pet ownership seriously and will take full responsibility for their pet’s health, behaviour and council registrations and vaccinations,” Ms Nguyen said. “This can reassure an owner that in keeping a pet, the property will be maintained to a high standard – as if it were the tenant’s own property.”

The team at is constantly looking for ways to streamline the application process and help Australia’s 7 million renters find the best property for their needs.

With Pet Resume now in place, landlords will have a better picture of who they are approving and are encouraged to consider allowing pets, where appropriate, while advertising properties on

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