Pet Resume - Put your furry friend (dog, cat or other) in the spotlight with your next rental application

Have you had trouble finding a pet-friendly rental property? Pet Resume can help you (and your pet) put your best paw forward in the rental application process.

What is a Pet Resume?

A Pet Resume is a detailed summary of your pet’s best qualities to help show responsible pet ownership when you apply for a rental property.

Imagine finding the perfect property on It has everything you need, but the landlord won’t allow pets. Gutted, right? Finding a pet-friendly rental property is hard for many renters in Australia.

What information can I include about my pet?

  • A bio/description: Describe your pet’s breed, age, activity level and temperament. What characteristics make your pet suitable for the home? Mention any aspects of your pet’s behaviour that will make them a valuable addition to the home – especially if your pet is quiet, well-behaved or friendly towards people and other animals.
  • A photo: Add a photo of your pet to their profile. Where possible, make sure the photo is clear (not blurred or too small to show detail) and that your pet looks happy and relaxed.
  • Basic details: Include the basic facts like name, type (cat/dog/rabbit, etc), breed, age and gender to give the landlord a good understanding of the sort of animal you’re looking to bring with you.
  • Your pet’s health: Make sure you tick all the boxes that relate to your dog’s health and training. Has your pup been vaccinated, microchipped, desexed or registered? Have you taken out pet insurance? You can also note whether your pet is an inside pet or outside pet.

Why is a Pet Resume important? 

On, Pet Resume is built into Renter Resume. You can add useful information into your Pet Resume which tells a landlord more about your pet. This could be whether they’ve been vaccinated, registered or trained, for example.

The Pet Resume summary is designed to improve your chance of success on your next rental property application.

In a recent survey of 1,300 Australian renters, 42% found it ‘extremely difficult’ to find a pet-friendly home. This is despite almost two thirds (or 63%) of Australian households owning pets today!*

We know renters regularly have difficulty in their search for pet-friendly properties. In fact, while many landlords may choose to allow pets, just 25% of properties on (and other property sites) specify ‘pets allowed’.

By adding a Pet Resume to your Renter Resume, this information will help everyone involved in the application process: your landlord, property manager and even you.

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Pet Resume is designed to help with your next rental application

Why we built Pet Resume 

We want to bridge the gap between the demand for pet-friendly rental properties and their limited supply in Australia.

Did you know? We recently surveyed a group of 700 property managers and landlords. 80% said they would consider allowing pets if they were presented with the information required.

This is how our Pet Resume tool was born.

Giving a landlord some information about your pet can speed up the screening process. This could be information about its type, registration or proof of vaccinations.

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Use Pet Resume to demonstrate responsible pet ownership

Sending your Pet Resume to a landlord with your Renter Resume will demonstrate responsible pet ownership. You’ll look honest and proactive by taking responsibility for your pets.

Pet Resume isn’t just for dogs! You can create a Pet Resume for any and all animals, even if cats and dogs are the most common choice of pet! Why not build a Pet Resume for your budgie, rabbit or guinea pig?

Real estate agents approve of Pet Resume

We spoke to Investment Property Specialist Jeannette Nguyen from Devine Real Estate. She said presentation is absolutely key in the rental application process.

“Providing a Pet Resume with an application demonstrates to a landlord that the renter takes pet ownership seriously. It also shows they will take full responsibility for their pet’s health, behaviour and council registrations,” she said.

“This information can reassure an owner. They’ll know that in keeping a pet, the property will be maintained to a high standard, just as if it were the tenant’s own property.”


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