Attention all pet owners! Are you struggling to find a rental property that welcomes your furry friend? The search for a pet-friendly rental property in Australia can be a challenging experience, but luckily there is a solution: Pet Resume.

Pet Resume is a comprehensive summary of your pet’s best qualities and attributes, designed to showcase responsible pet ownership when applying for a rental property.

With’s Pet Resume, you and your pet can put your best paw forward in the rental application process.

Getting started is simple.

Creating a resume is simple – this feature is built into the Renter Resume on You can include a detailed bio/description of your pet’s breed, age, activity level, and temperament. You can even highlight any valuable qualities or characteristics that make your pet a perfect fit for the home. Don’t forget to add a clear photo that shows your pet looking happy and relaxed.

Essential details like your pet’s name, type, breed, age, and gender should also be included, as well as information on their health and training.

Have you taken out pet insurance? Has your pet been vaccinated, microchipped, desexed, or registered? These details will help the landlord better understand your pet and ensure they are a suitable addition to the home.

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Why is a Pet Resume so important?

In a recent survey, 42% of Australian renters found it “extremely difficult” to find a pet-friendly home, despite 63% of households owning pets. Creating a Pet Resume can improve your chances of success on your next rental application.

This tool is built into Renter Resume on, so it’s easy to add to your application. Landlords and property managers will appreciate the effort you’ve put in to demonstrate responsible pet ownership.

In a recent survey of 700 property managers and landlords, 80% said they would consider allowing pets if presented with the correct information.

Pet Resume isn’t just for cats and dogs. You can create one for all animals, from budgies to guinea pigs. Best of all, you’ll look honest and proactive and show you’re taking responsibility for your pet’s health, behaviour, and council registrations.

Pet Resume is designed to help with your next rental application

A great way to demonstrate responsible pet ownership

Sending your Pet Resume to a landlord with your Renter Resume will demonstrate responsible pet ownership. You’ll look honest and proactive by taking responsibility for your pets.

And it isn’t just for dogs! You can create a Pet Resume for any and all animals, even if cats and dogs are the most common choice of pet! Why not build one for your budgie, rabbit or guinea pig?

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Real estate agents approve.

Real estate agents also approve. Investment Property Specialist Jeannette Nguyen from Devine Real Estate says, “Providing a Pet Resume with an application demonstrates to a landlord that the renter takes pet ownership seriously. It also shows they will take full responsibility for their pet’s health, behaviour, and council registrations.”

Don’t let finding a pet-friendly rental property stress you out. Create a Pet Resume and put your best paw forward.

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