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“Why would I be asked to pay to apply for a property in NSW? They told me it was an application fee. I’ve just moved from SA and haven’t come across this before. Is it standard practice?” Tenant, NSW

We asked MMJ Real Estate Dapto Property ManagerLaura McDiarmid for her advice.

“Paying an Application Fee is not standard practice across New South Wales, and I am

unaware of any agents in our area that charge for checking applications,” Laura said.

“I have heard of some Agencies charging a small fee for photocopying any supporting documents for your application if you need it, similar to what a library or post office would charge.”

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Laura said the Residential Tenancy Act only allows for new tenants to only be charged two weeks’ rent (unless you offer to pay more) and four weeks’ bond.

“This is only once a new tenancy has been approved,” she said.

“I would recommend that you speak to the Agency charging the fee and ask why they charge the fee. There is no reason an Agency should be charging you this application fee.”

Laura McDiarmid
Laura McDiarmid

Laura McDiarmid is a Property Manager with MMJ Real Estate in Dapto, New South Wales. She is a Licensed Real Estate Agent who holds a Certificate IV in Property Services. Laura also has a Level 3 Certification in InDesign, with a Social Media & Marketing diploma from the Shaw Academy. She worked at a law office for four years and has been in the real estate industry since 2008 in roles spanning Property Officer, Senior Property Manager and Sales and Marketing Coordinator.