“As a tenant, is there any situation where I would be required to pay for painting and/or renovation to be done on my rental? Or is this always the responsibility of the landlord?” Tenant, NSW

We asked Mint360property Senior Property ManagerNancy Vieria for her advice.

“As a tenant in New South Wales, it is expected that the landlord will pay for reasonable repairs,” Nancy said.

“Generally, property damage related to fair wear and tear is the landlord’s responsibility, while accidental or malicious damage caused by the tenant is the tenant’s responsibility.”

Reasonable wear and tear could include
– Paint flaking and peeling
– Carpets or floors worn due to day-to-day use
– Warped kitchen cabinet doors that won’t close
– Loose grouting and bathroom tiles

“This falls under the responsibility of the landlord to repair,” Nancy said. “Should a landlord want to complete renovations in their rental property, this would definitely fall under their responsibility.”

“Any malicious or accidental damage to the property caused by a tenant is the tenant’s responsibility.”

“This should always be reported in a timely manner to ensure no further damage is done.  Malicious damages include, a hole punched in a wall, graffiti and doors knocked off their hinges.”

Accidental damage could include
– Red wine spilled on the carpet
– A crack in a window

Nancy Vieria
Senior Property Manager at Mint360property

Nancy’s strong organisational skills, honest, ethical and professional approach to the industry allows her to stay in control of a busy role, ensuring her clients are comfortable and informed throughout the lease and management process. Nancy believes, as a Senior Property Manager, comes a great sense of responsibility to her clients who entrust their most valuable assets to her care.