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“As a tenant, do I have the right to know how long the owner wants a tenant – i.e. for the short-term / long-term?” – Joanne

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How long the owner wants a tenant – should you be told?

Tenancy duration is key for feeling secure in your home, so we asked Training and Development Manager at Professionals, Jenni Wood for an answer to this question:

Jenni said in any real estate transaction (rentals or sales) the owner should be informing the tenant of any material fact that would affect the tenancy.

“The term of the lease would definitely be a material fact as this would impact on the tenant’s decision to take that property or seek out another,” she said.

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Jenni Wood
Jenni Wood

Jenni Wood is the Western Australian Regional Assessor with Harcourts Real Estate Training Centre (HRETC). With over 30 years of industry experience, Jenni is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and holds a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. She has worked with HRETC since July 2019. Before starting her role as the state's Regional Assessor, Jenni was the Academy Trainer with Harcourts Western Australia. She previously worked with REIWA's Property Management Network Committee as the co-chair between 2009-2019 and as Training & Development Manager for Professionals State Service Centre for WA and NT.