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“Can my agent charge me $39 per day for overdue rent? Is there meant to be a charge? If so, is it standardised across all agencies?” – Jen 

Jen, we asked business development manager at LJ Hooker Gosford, Madeleine Smith for her insight into this question:

“If I’m understanding the question correctly, then no,” Madeleine said.

“A Landlord (or an agent on behalf of a Landlord) can only pass on the cost of any dishonour fees that they have incurred, or overdrawing fees as a direct relation to the rent being late.”

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“They can’t charge you for NCAT fees, or anything else like that associated with the overdue rent.”

For information specific to your state or territory, visit Rent.com.au’s Important Numbers page.

madeleine smith
Madeleine Smith
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  1. Perhaps knowing they can pass on dishonour fee, they are attempting to put payment thru each day or its on a transaction schedule. Most people wait 3 days and notify you. Maybe not this time….