As summer draws to a close, you’re going to want to get outdoors and take care of some essential outdoor jobs before the cold and rain sets in. Here are nine outdoor jobs to complete by the end of February.

Guest post – Rob

1. Check your guttering

This is an essential job, so put it at the top of your list. Check your guttering and get anything that needs to be done out of the way before the rainy season. At the very least, you’ll want to thoroughly clean your gutters. To be sure the job is done right, consider hiring a gutter cleaning service. Also look for signs of wear. If your guttering is sagging, have your guttering repaired. If it has rusted out, it may be time to replace it.

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2. Check your roof

Your roof is your protection from the elements. No one wants to face a leaking roof in the middle of the rainy season, so make sure you check it for signs of damage now. Check it from your attic or roof cavity first. If you see signs of light, you’re seeing places where water can enter. Also look for dark spots, stains and other signs of water damage. Don’t forget to check your roof from outdoors. If you need repairs, let an expert roof repair service do the job for you.

3. Check your insulation

If you live in an older home, you may have put off insulating your walls, underfloor or ceiling cavity. This year, take care of any insulation jobs before the cold weather arrives. Insulation is not expensive, but heating your house adds up over the years. Insulation will make your home warmer and cozier through the winter and cooler and more comfortable next summer, so don’t put it off this year.

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4. Take care of your lawn

Lawn care is something many homeowners put on the back burner at the end of the summer. If you take care of your lawn in February, your lawn will reward you for your efforts. Aerate the soil and add some slow-release fertiliser to prepare your lawn for winter.

5. Does your decking need attention?

Timber decking needs periodic sanding and polishing. Why would you want to do this in February? We tend to use our decks more in summer than in winter. All those feet on the decking can wear away the finish. Wherever raw timber is exposed is a place where the timber will absorb moisture. If your deck is in tip-top shape through the wet months, it will still be in tip-top shape next spring and summer and you won’t be risking damaging your timber decking in the wet season.

Outdoor jobs

6. Seal your doors and windows

Heat naturally transfers to cold areas. If your doors, skylights and windows aren’t sealed, when the cold weather arrives, you can lose up to 40 per cent of the heat in your home. That means you will spend more on heating your home and cold drafts will make it less comfortable than it should be. A good handyman can find those gaps and seal them for you.

7. Weed and mulch

Get out in your garden in late February and weed and mulch while the weather is still warm. Weeding will get rid of existing weeds and mulching will help prevent weeds from growing during the winter. The mulch will also help your soil retain water and help prevent rain from washing dirt from your garden to your lawn and pavers.

8. Prepare your pool

If you have a swimming pool, you may not use it in winter, but you do need to prepare it for the months when it will be dormant. Clean your pool thoroughly and test the pH level. This will help prevent mould and algae from forming over the winter months. Don’t forget to clean your pool filters to prevent oil from hardening when the weather gets cold. To be sure your pool is prepared for winter, hire a pool maintenance service to give it a thorough cleaning and inspection.

9. Get your patio ready for winter

If your patio goes to waste in winter, make this year the year you make it winter-ready. You might want to add a patio covering if you don’t have one or consider adding patio heating if you already have a patio covering. A great and relatively inexpensive way to get your patio ready for winter is to install a retractable awning. You want the winter sun to warm your home, but in summer, you want to shade your home interior from the sun. A retractable awning is an ideal solution, winter and summer.


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