“I have changed my address and it is now different to the one specified in my tenant’s tenancy agreement. Do I have to notify the tenant? Is it important that this is updated quickly, or can it wait?” Owner, NT

We asked Ray White Darwin Business Development Manager, Kate Nolan for her advice.

“This is not something that is urgent and can wait until your next agreement to be updated,” Kate said.

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“However, if it is something you are concerned about you can add a Memorandum of Variation (MOV) to the lease showing that the address has now changed and supply a copy of this document to your tenant.”

In most cases, a landlord would wait and update this on their next tenancy agreement, Kate said.

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Kate Nolan
Kate Nolan
Business Development Manager at Ray White Darwin | [email protected]

Kate Nolan was the Business Development Manager for Ray White Darwin in Stuart Park, Northern Territory. She was part of the property management team between 2018 and 2020 before moving to Newry in Northern Ireland, where she now works as a Rentals Manager for McVeigh Property Services. Kate has received numerous awards throughout her career. She was named 2019 REINT Business Development Manager of the Year and received the 2019 REINT Community Service Award.