“I am (admittedly) somewhat behind on my rent, and my agent has issued me with a non-payment termination notice. I haven’t even been asked to pay the outstanding rent, is this normal? What are the implications of this notice? Will I be put on a database because I was sent this notice?” Tenant, NSW

We asked Webbs Real Estate Senior Property Manager Amy Johnson, for her advice:

“Generally speaking, most agents will contact their tenants when the rent falls behind by a few days,” Amy said.

“However, even if they have not contacted you regarding the overdue rent, a non-payment of rent termination notice can be issued by the landlord or agent when the tenant has fallen 14 days behind with their rent.”

“If the tenant pays all the rent owing or enters into and fully complies with a repayment plan after the notice has been served, the tenant is able to stay in the premises and continue the tenancy.”

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Amy said the fact that you fell far enough behind in your rent to be issued a termination notice would likely be mentioned by the agent in any references they provide other agencies/landlords in the future when you are looking for another rental property.

“So although you will not be listed on a database (only people owing funds in excess of their bond are listed on TICA or similar databases), your failure to keep your rent up to date and subsequent termination notice (regardless of if you pay the money owing and are permitted to continue your tenancy) may affect your ability to easily secure a rental property in the future,” she said.

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Amy Johnson
Senior Property Manager at

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