Noisy Neighbours

“Our neighbours make so much excessive noise at all hours. I’m suffering sleep deprivation, as I’m unable to sleep peacefully in any bedroom, but strata will do nothing. What can we do?”

When it’s no longer acceptable noise

Property manager for Harcourts Mandurah, Sam Delaney advised anyone with a noise complaint to immediately advise their property manager in writing, providing as much information as possible, as well as the details of conversation had with the strata company.

“To provide all parties with as much detail as possible, I would suggest contacting the local shire to request a noise reading to be taken at the property,” Sam said.

“The shire will be able to discuss the noise levels and maybe able to take the matter further if the noise levels are deemed to be above those that are acceptable.”

Once you have those readings, provide them to your property manager.

All strata residents must follow the strata scheme by-laws. By-laws will usually include restrictions on noise and disturbances to neighbours.

“If the noise level is deemed to be of a unacceptable level then the Strata would be obligated under section 12.B of the Strata by laws to make contact with the other parties and, if necessary, issue a breach,” Sam said.

All tenants have terms in their residential tenancy agreement (lease) that mean that they must not:

  • cause a nuisance, or
  • interfere with the peace, comfort or privacy of a neighbour.

If the noise is an ongoing problem you can contact your local council.

Council officers can issue a warning, a noise abatement direction, a prevention notice or a noise control notice. If the noise relates to a noisy animal, the local council can issue a nuisance order. The council can give a penalty notice (fine) for breaching a noise abatement direction relating to offensive noise.

Noisy Neighbours

Samantha Delaney
Samantha Delaney
New Business Development Manager at Harcourts Mandurah | (08) 9581 9999 | [email protected]

Samantha Delaney is the New Business Development Manager at Harcourts Mandurah. Samantha joined the Harcourts Mandurah's property management team in 2012 as a property manager before moving into the New Business Development Manager role in 2018. She holds an Accreditation in Property Management from Harcourts Real Estate and a Property Manager licence from the WA Government. Samantha moved to Western Australia from the United Kingdom after many years working within the customer service industry.