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Reinventing density: co-living, the second domestic revolution

Many housing types are totally at odds with how people live today because people don’t...

When planning falls short: the challenges of informal settlements

Informal settlements house around one-quarter of the world’s urban population. This means roughly 1 billion...

Why apartment dwellers need indoor plants

The number of Australians living in high-rise apartments doubled between 1991 and 2011 and that...

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Is your postcode stopping you finding your new rental?

It's time to search beyond your comfort zone.

Your rental applications made easy with Renter Resume

Rent.com.au has launched a new feature to help renters by streamlining the enquiry and application...

The Perth inner-city suburbs where rental prices are dropping

New Rent.com.au data has revealed five suburbs within 10km of Perth CBD where renting is...
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