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Jump the rental application queue with RentCheck

When you’re house hunting, it can be frustrating to repeatedly apply for properties and see someone else get the rental you want. Using RentCheck takes the stress out of your application, verifying your rental history...

Renters ‘underwhelmed’ by 2018/19 Federal Budget and want housing prioritised

Australian renters were noticeably 'underwhelmed' by the announcements in this year's Federal Budget, feeling 'abandoned' by the lack of measures to improve housing affordability. Respondents called out for a greater focus on housing affordability...

75,000 Pet Resumes – and Dogs still rule

Dogs continue to be #1 in the pet stakes with Cats holding the #2 slot, according to a new report from leading rental property site, Rent.com.au. Key Highlights Over 75,000 Pet Resumes created (and...