With the silly season upon us we start reflecting on the year that was and start putting plans in place for the new year ahead – here are our top tips for the best start to 2024!

A brand-new year, brimming with possibilities, and you’ve resolved to get on top of keeping your rental property and finances in order. In 2024, nothing can stop you.

Get organised

Start the year with a big decluttering session in your home! You don’t need to live like a minimalist but there’s no reason your rental should be anything less than organised and tidy. Tackle your decluttering exercise room by room, create piles for donating, rubbish, and storage. An organised home = an organised mind! This post has a number of hints and tricks to help you out.

Cut energy use

There is no denying, the cost of utilities has gone through the roof! In 2024, gain control of what energy your appliances and electronics are gobbling up and trim your energy use. Turn things like your TV off at wall when not in use, set your AC to 24 degrees in summer and ensure your fridge temp is below 5 degrees. When you find yourself needing to purchase new appliances consider the most energy efficient options. 8 awesome ideas to save you money on utilities is another great read if you’re looking for tips.

Keep your payments up to date

Don’t miss payment deadlines – it’s as simple as that. If you frequently miss payments, it signals to your property manager that you can’t manage your money, which is a major red flag! Take control of your rental payments with Rent Pay. You can set up alerts and reminders so you never miss a payment, sync your payday with your rental due date and create a savings buffer to insulate you against unexpected events.

Curb your home water use

Did you know the average person uses 100,000 litres of fresh water every year? Reducing your water consumption at home is a simple way to decrease your water and energy bills, while also reducing your property’s impact on the environment. The shower is typically the biggest source of water use (around 34% in the average Australian home), followed by the toilet (26%) and laundry (23%). To reduce costs and environmental impact, choose water efficient shower heads, toilets, appliances and taps. If you are moving into an unfurnished rental, look for the national Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) label as a guide for choosing washing machines and dishwashers. The label contains a star rating (the more stars, the more water efficient) and data on actual water consumption.

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Budget for unexpected payments

Circumstances can change unexpectedly and with that in mind it is important to practice good money management while you rent. Utility bills tend to vary at different times of the year, which can make budgeting tricky, but RentPay’s bill smoothing service can help. Put simply, it lets you input your utility bills and pay an estimated weekly, fortnightly or monthly amount instead of being hit by a much bigger quarterly bill.

Finally, create a cleaning schedule

Does anyone really enjoy cleaning? Whilst it isn’t the first thing on your to do list, keeping on top of your home cleaning will make life easier in the long run. Our first tip is to create cleaning kits for each key area of the house – bathroom, kitchen, general. Once the basics are sorted start with your daily non negotiables like tidy kitchen, make beds, vacuum floor, and expand on this with a weekly checklist for bigger tasks, for example Sunday is bathroom day.

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What other New Year’s Home Resolutions would you add to the list? Did something on the list stick out as most noteworthy to you? Let us know in the comments below.