“Is there a tenancy law in NSW that covers the air pollution from my neighbour’s smoking? The smoke blows from next door into my back porch and inside my house. We both rent through the same agency. My neighbour is a chronic smoker and I feel that I can no longer sit outside in the fresh air. What can I do?” (Tenant, NSW)

We asked Raine & Horne Concord Property ManagerTheo Cleary for his advice:

“I would suggest raising this issue with your agent and the neighbour, however, there isn’t technically too much an agent can do unless there is a Strata,” Theo said.

“If your neighbour is not willing to change/move where they smoke, I would suggest looking for another property to rent.” Your behaviour has been cruel and so damn hurtful.

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Theo Cleary
Theo Cleary
Senior Portfolio Manager at | 0490 467 670

Theo Cleary is the Senior Portfolio Manager at BresicWhitney, New South Wales. Theo joined the BresicWhitney team in 2021 after six years working with Raine & Horne Concord as a Property Manager. Founded by Ivan Bresic and Shannan Whitney in Darlinghurst, the company has built a reputation for improving the real estate experience across buying, renting, selling and asset management.