negotiate rent“Is it possible to negotiate the rent with my property manager? I’d like to try and secure my property for a longer period, with agreed inspection times…” Brooke, WA

Feature agentLisa Kerr, Principal at Ray White South Perth.

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Rental lease negotiations can be tricky and stressful, so we asked we asked Principal at Ray White South Perth, Lisa Kerr, for her advice:

“Hi Brooke, yes you can do this,” Lisa said.

“Provided that both parties are in agreement with the terms and conditions and they are not in breach of the Residential Tenancy Act WA, then it can be written into the contract.”

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Lisa Kerr
Lisa Kerr
Former Owner/Licensee at Ray White South Perth | [email protected]

Lisa Kerr was the Owner/Licensee of Ray White South Perth in Western Australia between 2015 and 2020. After completing a Certificate IV in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, Lisa moved into property management. She worked with Access Property Management and John Hayes and Son before moving into a corporate role at Ray White. She retired in 2020.


  1. my landlord pout the rent up $30 more per week knowing im struggling before the increase
    he does very little m maintenance around the place and only does it when the lease is about to renewed

    have breached them but not much gets fixed… beyond and a joke the increases as we have looked after this place and fixed things ourselves at times

    now there is more issues and we are not doing them they can and only here for another 12 months then out