Curious about how the NBN rollout is tracking across the country? shows NBN network status on all rental listings and has released a new map showing NBN status across inner Sydney, New South Wales.

We’ve done some data crunching in Sydney

Being Australia’s largest dedicated rental website, and the only real estate site that shows the NBN status for each property means has access to some cool data.

The map below takes a look at NBN availability per property across over 40,000 rental properties that were advertised for rent between July and August this year.

Not only does this huge sample allow us to produce an accurate map of where NBN is now, but we’re also able to see when NBN is scheduled to arrive.

Inner Sydney NBN status: August 2018

Of course, NBN availability is not life and death for Australia’s entire population, but many of our customers tell us that NBN availability influences their decision on a preferred property.

In inner Sydney, for example, we can see that just 31% of properties have NBN right now, and if NBN maintains its schedule, we’ll see that total rise to 45% by the end of the year.

So, choose wisely 😉

Improving the search experience for users

NBN status is one of the more popular tools for our customers. House hunters look at more than one property or suburb when deciding on their next home, so we wanted to make the information as easy as possible to find.

Each day, thousands of new listings are uploaded to and each of these is checked with NBN to determine their status (available or forecast RFS date). By comparing different ‘snapshots in time,’ we can build a view of the progress of the NBN rollout.

With so many new properties added and removed each day, our sample is extremely current and gives us the opportunity to provide a unique perspective on changes.

Check out the NBN data display for properties listed on to get the most up-to-date information and see what technology will be used to build the network.

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