With the National Broadband Network status now visible on all Rent.com.au properties, you can quickly detect which homes have NBN available or planned in the future.

The new NBN feature is designed to make the renting process easier for all involved.

NBN-ready rental properties
Photo: iStock/lechatnoir.

Integrating NBN data onto Rent.com.au

Although this information is available via the National Broadband Network website, searching for individual property data is a cumbersome process. Rent.com.au has made this information available in an easy-to-digest format.


What do the graphics mean?

If the rental property shows a tick, then NBN should be available for connection by your chosen provider at that property.

NBN-ready rental properties graphicIf the rental property shows a clock, then NBN is scheduled. This means the property has an estimated ‘Ready for Service’ date.

NBN-scheduled rental properties graphicIf the rental property shows a question mark, the NBN status is unknown. This could mean the property is in remediation, is yet to be scheduled, or our data is incomplete. Note: We recommend checking the NBNCo website for the latest information.

NBN rental properties graphic

The ‘NBN is scheduled’ stamp

If you see an ‘NBN is scheduled’ stamp on the property listing, this means Rent.com.au has received an estimated ‘Ready for Service’ date.

Otherwise, that property will be marked as ‘NBN status unknown’ – with a question mark. If you see this on the listing, check the National Broadband Network website for more information.

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