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“When I apply for a property in NSW, should I just put my name on the lease? Or do all people who live in the house need to go on the lease? If so, why is that?” Tenant, NSW

We asked Senior Property Manager at BradfieldCleary Real Estate, Emma Bettencourt, for her advice.

When applying for a rental property, each to their own,” Emma said.

“However, from an owner’s point of view, I would be better covered if I could rely on more than one tenant’s income to afford the rent for my property.”

“Competition for rental properties in Sydney can be fierce and it is usually first in best dressed that will land the property. I’d have my shoes polished!”

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Rule to remember: Whoever is on the lease is responsible for the property.

“If you are sharing with friends and they stop paying the rent or cause damage to the property, it’s your name on the lease, not theirs,” Emma said.

“Best to put everyone on the lease to cover yourself down the track.”

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Emma Bettencourt
Emma Bettencourt
Emma Bettencourt is the Senior Property Manager at BradfieldCleary Real Estate in Double Bay, New South Wales. Commencing her real estate career in 2011, Emma prides herself on attention to detail and knowledge of legislation. Before joining the BradfieldCleary team in 2017, Emma had more than seven years of experience with Mint360Property in Randwick. Emma's expertise is in both residential and commercial real estate. She holds a Certificate of Registration.